Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning

Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Waterless Solar Cleaning Robots use wind, vacuum, suction, brushes

Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. This is a really great thing, considering how many parts of our country and of our entire planet get intense sunlight all the time. Deserts in the US and worldwide are an ideal place for solar farms, since they have sunlight in abundance to make up for their lack of other resources. But when it comes to cleaning the solar panels, the amount of sunlight and lack of rain end up being a problem, especially for water based cleaning solutions. It defeats the purpose of having green, eco-friendly energy solutions when solar farms have to drain aquifers to be able to produce the green, eco-friendly energy. This is where waterless solar panel cleaning comes in. There are a variety of different ways to do waterless solar panel cleaning.

Waterless solar cleaning robots use the following features:

  • Wind
  • Vacuum
  • Suction
  • Brushes
  • Soft microfiber cloths

These methods allow for daily cleaning for maximum energy production, without having to use the expensive and rare resource of water, at least in this area where water is expensive and rare.

Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Companies:

  • Ecoppia – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • Miraikikai Inc  – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • NOMADD – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • Scrobby – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • SOLAR BRUSH – Waterless Cleaning Robot

Keeping Solar Panels Cleaned with Waterless Robots

In deserts it is especially important to clean solar panels frequently because the dryness makes there be a lot of dust. This means that dust and dirt build up quickly on solar panels and cloud them, and that lowers the production of electricity significantly. In fact, dirt on a solar panel can lower its energy production by 35%. When we are talking about whole solar farms that produce electricity for entire cities, a 35% reduction in electricity is a really big deal. And unlike solar panels in cities with concrete everywhere and in areas with more rainfall, the amount of dust means that solar panels in desert areas need to be cleaned more frequently. If a location is dependent on water-based cleaning, this makes energy production even less efficient.

Here at Solar Cleaning Directory, we aim to be your go-to resource for all your Solar Panel Cleaning needs, whether you need traditional solar panel cleaning or waterless solar panel cleaning for a large solar farm in a desert location. You can find resources for solar cleaning robots that will keep your solar panels pristinely clean every day without using any water. This extends the life of your solar panels, maximizes energy production, and is good for the environment too.

In the Negev Desert, Israel, a solar farm company has implemented waterless solar cleaning robots to automate their cleaning every night without using any water. Previously they had used water-based cleaning with crews up to 10 times a year. They lost production on cleaning days, not to mention the efficiency they lost in between cleanings when the panels were getting coated with dust, and they had to use enormous amounts of water in an area where water is very scarce. Now they use cleaning robots with blown air and microfiber brushes to clean their panels every night, and it has revolutionized their business. The robots are even self-powering with their own solar panels and self-cleaning, so maintenance is an absolute minimum.

This success story could be yours as well! Check out our Solar Cleaning Directory for more resources about waterless solar panel cleaning and how you can use automated cleaning to maximize your productivity, lower your cleaning labor, and minimize your resource use. Our business at Solar Cleaning Directory is to make your solar cleaning business as effective and productive as possible. Go green with waterless solar cleaning for your solar panels!