Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robots and Solar Panel Cleaning Robots with Water

For commercial solar panels, a solar panel cleaning robot can be the ideal way to maximize energy production constantly while simultaneously making the best use of resources and minimizing downtime for cleaning. There are many different types of solar panel cleaning robots so it is important to do your research on whether or not you want a waterless solar cleaning robot or a water fed solar cleaning robot. Each different style and design of solar cleaning robots feature different benefits and understanding the difference is crucial for your unique system.

It is hard to believe that some of these solar cleaning robots do not need water, however the production of power and quality of cleaning that they provide is amazing. Take a look at some waterless solar panel cleaning robots and water fed cleaning robots below and decide for yourself which is the best option for your system

Solar panel cleaning robots come with the following features and benefits

  • Self-powering via solar panels
  • Self-cleaning
  • Sensors to guide the robot along the panels
  • Remote Management
  • Available in waterless and water models

Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

The waterless solar panel cleaning robot is essential for dry areas where water is expensive. In desert areas, the wind often blows large amounts of dust and dirt onto solar panels every day, which makes it imperative that the solar panels be cleaned frequently. However, the lack of water in these areas makes it unfeasible to clean the solar panels with water every day, or even every month. The waterless solar panel cleaning robot uses a combination of blown air and soft microfiber to remove 99% of the dust every night without using any water at all. The waterless solar panel cleaning robot has been used with great success for solar farms in difficult areas such as the Negev Desert, Israel, where daily cleaning is a requirement for efficient operation and where water resources are prohibitively scarce.

Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robots:

  • Ecoppia – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • Miraikikai Inc  – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • NOMADD – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • Scrobby – Waterless Cleaning Robot
  • SOLAR BRUSH – Waterless Cleaning Robot

Solar Panel Cleaning Robot with Water

Of course, water is the most efficient way to clean solar panels if it is feasible to use it. Solar panel cleaning robots with water are an ideal way to make sure your commercial solar panels are kept clean and are constantly ready for maximum energy production. With daily cleaning by a solar panel cleaning robot, you can even extend the life of your solar panels by eliminating the harmful dirt and grime that can damage your solar panels and cause permanent reductions in energy production.

Whether you choose a solar panel cleaning robot with water or a waterless solar panel cleaning robot, the benefits are tremendous. You get solar panels that constantly perform at maximum capacity, longer life for your solar panels, no downtime for cleaning by a crew, and no man hours to keep the panels clean. Check out solar panel cleaning robots and find out what a difference automated cleaning makes for yourself!

Water Fed Solar Panel Cleaning Robots:

  • AT1 Solar Clean – Water Cleaning Robot
  • Greenbotics – Water Cleaning Robot
  • OCS Energy – Water Cleaning Robot
  • SolaRobot – Water Cleaning Robot
  • Serbot AG – Demineralized Water Cleaning Robot
  • SPOT – Water Cleaning Robot
  • Sinfonia Technology – Water Cleaning Robot