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What certified Solar Panel Cleaner should you choose?

Find certified solar panel cleaners, solar panel repair companies, solar panel cleaner machines as well as solar panel maintenance experts today! Whether you are looking for a commercial, industrial or residential solar panel cleaner the Solar Cleaning Directory has the perfect company or solar cleaner machine for you! Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing will increase the peak performance of your solar panels and with proper maintenance, improve the life of your solar investment. Browse through our selection of local solar cleaning companies, solar cleaning machines and automatic solar cleaning systems then decide for yourself who or what you want taking care of your solar system performance. The choice between choosing a solar panel cleaning contractor, solar panel cleaning machine, automatic solar cleaning system or even doing it yourself will depend on the location of your solar panels along with the quantity. Take a look at the solar cleaning options below when looking for a solar panel cleaner or cleaning system in your area.

Lets take a look at the following Solar Panel Cleaners:

  • Local Solar Panel Cleaners
  • Residential Solar Panel Cleaners
  • Commercial & Industrial Solar Panel Cleaners
  • OSHA Certified Solar Cleaners
  • Solar Machines & Automatic Solar Cleaners

Hiring Local Solar Panel Cleaners

Local Solar Panel Cleaners

Local Solar Panel Cleaners

Deciding to hire a local solar panel cleaner in your area isn’t always easy as some companies may just be starting out in the field of “professionally” cleaning solar panels. We have seen this many times where a company will one day specialize in gutter cleaning and pressure spraying and then claim to be an expert at cleaning 10,000 solar panels. The truth here is that there are very few companies that specialize in only cleaning solar panels, however when you do contact one of these local solar panel cleaners, they know everything there is to know about solar cleaning in general, including proper solar maintenance, weed abatement (solar clearing), bird netting, solar security services and much more.

The goal in hiring a local solar panel cleaner is to know how long the company has been servicing solar panels in many different areas, not just cleaning alone. Before hiring a local solar panel cleaner and requesting a free quote,  you want to ask them the important questions about how long they have been in business, the different types of services they provide and many others.

Questions to ask a solar panel cleaner before hiring…

  1. How long has your company cleaned solar panels?
  2. If your company fully licensed, insured and bonded?
  3. Is your company OHSA certified?
  4. Does your company use De-Ionized Water?
  5. Does your company have all the right cleaning equipment?
  6. Does your company look for loose wire connections?
  7. Does your company look for frayed wires?
  8. Can your company notice Micro-Fractures (tearing of thin film solar)?
  9. Does your company offer organic cleaning (low water, organic solution)?

These are just a few of the simple questions you should be asking a local solar panel cleaner before hiring them to get the job done. We have heard horror stories of companies and home owners hiring small time companies, new to the solar cleaning industry, that are not insured and have broken panels, leaving companies and home owners to float the bill. You can still hire the company that cleans gutters and does pressure washing, just use common sense and ask the right questions first.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaners

Residential Solar Panel Cleaners

Residential Solar Panel Cleaners

When you have a solar system on your home you will need to look for a residential solar panel cleaner that is as close to you as possible in order to get the cost low. Being that most residential solar panel cleaners charge a service fee, travel fee, the closer they are to your location, the cheaper it is going to cost you. If you already have a window cleaning company that you use for your home, you may want to call them and ask if they offer solar panel cleaning services. If the window cleaning company offers solar panel cleaning services, you may want to schedule the service at the same time they clean your windows to save money. If however, your window cleaning company does not offer solar cleaning or you do not have a window cleaning company, you can find a residential solar panel cleaner here on the Solar Cleaning Directory. There are many companies that offer solar panel cleaning as a secondary source of income aside their main business. If you do not see a residential solar panel cleaner in your area on the Solar Cleaning Directory or by searching Google, companies such as gutter cleaning companies, pressure washing companies and handyman services sometimes offer residential solar panel cleaning from $100 – $500 + depending on how many solar panels your home has.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Panel Cleaners

Solar Panel Cleaners Commercial

Solar Panel Cleaners Commercial

Here is where it can get a bit more tricky when hiring a solar panel cleaner. When you operate a commercial or industrial solar system, say anywhere from 100 – 100,000+ solar panels, you want to make sure the company you hire is on top of their game. Making sure a commercial or industrial solar panel cleaner knows as much about solar as a contractor is extremely important as well as they should have at least 2 years experience. It is important to refer to the list of questions to ask a commercial solar panel cleaner above in making sure they know what they are doing. A commercial or industrial solar panel cleaner should have more experience cleaning solar panels than a gutter cleaning company that has been doing it for the past 6 months. Some key points to look for in a commercial and industrial solar panel cleaning company is if they specialize in more aspects of solar aside from only cleaning.

What other services should a commercial or industrial solar cleaner provide?

Visual Inspection Services

  • Panel Inspections – Tearing or Abrasions in Panels
  • Wire Connections
  • Hardware: Struts, Frames, Mounts, Racks, Etc.

All Cleaning Services

  • De-Ionized Water Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning: Low Water, No Run-Off, Organic Solutions, Etc.
  • Hand Scrub Cleaning: Heavy Soiled Panels, Bird Dropping, Sap, WWTP, Etc.

Solar Maintenance Services

  • Solar Security: Video Surveillance, Security Guards, Etc.
  • Weed Abatement: Weed Control, Tree-Limb Trimming, Property Clearing, Etc.
  • Solar Snow Removal
  • Water Run-off Prevention: Design & Installation
  • Grey Water: Design and Installation
  • Consulting: Performance and Functionality

OHSA Certified Solar Panel Cleaners

OSHA Certified Solar Cleaners

OSHA Certified Solar Cleaners

It is extremely important to hire a solar panel cleaner that is OHSA certified. Being OHSA certified means that your solar panel cleaning company is following the basic safety requirements that they should be. Any company that is at risk of falling 6 or more feet should be OSHA certified, not only for their companies liability but the business and/ or the home owners liability. Choosing a solar panel cleaner that protects their company and companies employees means that they are serious about the work they provide and cautious about the liability of their clients (you). Their are certain requirements that a solar panel cleaner must follow to be considered OSHA certified and that means they will need to be protected from falling using the following safety precautions;  Guardrail Systems, Safety net Systems and Personal fall arrest systems. Read more about the OHSA Certifications Here:

Solar Machines & Automatic Solar Panel Cleaners

Solar Cleaning Machines

Solar Cleaning Machines

There are many different types, styles and designs of automatic solar panel cleaners and choosing the correct one for your solar panel system will depend on how many panels you need to clean. There are certain solar panel cleaning systems and machines that are made for residential applications and other that are built for massive commercial and industrial locations.

Heliotex  – Automatic Solar Panel Cleaner

One of the most common automatic solar panel cleaners on the market is the Heliotex, which fastens onto sections of your solar system, is hooked up to a water source and an automatic timer and cleans accordingly. The only problem with the Heliotex is that there is no scrubbing functionality which may not be able to clean bird droppings, tree sap, leaves and other heavy debris that may cause a power drop in your power production.

The Bitimec Solar Panel Cleaner

The Bitimec PV Solar Washing Machine is a Solar Cleaning Machine on Rubber Tracks with a telescoping boom that can reach ON GROUND panel only. The brush matrial is delicate on the panels and puts out 10 gallons per minute. The Bitimec PV Solar Washing Machine can move Left to right and forward to reverse. The Solar Cleaning Machine on Rubber Tracks or wheels is a machine used for solar farms with 100,000+ solar panles and very rarely used.

Other Solar Panel Cleaning Machines and Automatic Solar Panel Cleaners

There are so many other different types of solar panel cleaning machines and automatic solar panel cleaners that it is hard to keep track with them all. If you are truly looking for an automatic solution to cleaning your solar panels, you will want to do as much research as possible in trying to find the automatic solar cleaning machine that fits your system the best. We will cover another article in the future about different solar machines and automatic solar cleaners, which ones work best and for exactly what type of application.