Solar Cleaning Machine

Solar Panel Cleaning Machine

Solar Cleaning Machines

Solar Cleaning Machines

Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Machine for Commercial Solar Panel Systems

For commercial solar cleaning applications, a solar cleaning machine such as the Bitimec PV Solar Washing Machine is the best way to get perfect cleaning in a short amount of time with a small crew and minimal water. The machine consists of a tractor on rubber tracks with attachments for a solar cleaning brush and an optional extra rinsing attachment. With a water flow of 10 gallons per minute, the solar cleaning machine sprays water from four spigots, two on either side of the brush, to lubricate the brush and rinse off the dirt. A solar cleaning washing fluid can be added to maximize effectiveness and to remove the need to use purified water to prevent water marks. With a solar panel cleaning machine, it is possible to clean an entire solar farm in an 8-hour work day using only 3000 gallons of water! In contrast, it would take professional solar cleaner by hand many more man hours, not to mention more resources.

Features of an Automatic Solar Cleaning Machine

  • Rotating cleaning brush: gentle on the panels and tough on dirt
  • 10 gallon per minute water spray
  • Single man operation
  • Optional rinse attachment

Why a solar panel cleaning machine?

Solar panel cleaning machines are perfect for contractors and professional solar panel cleaning companies because they allow for quick cleaning of large amounts of panels. Your solar panel cleaning company will be able to take larger contracts with less manpower and in time save money. If you are an owner of a solar farm or field, a solar cleaning machine (Bitimec PV Solar Washing Machine) or robot (Ecoppia Solar Cleaning Robot) is the only way to go. With both solar cleaning robots and machines, there is a costly set up price. With a solar panel cleaning machine, you will need to buy the machine and overtime it will start to pay for its self in energy production. With a solar cleaning robot on the other hand, you pay for the installation of the system and let it run its self.

Why commercial solar panel cleaning?

Commercial solar panels are often installed on huge solar farms and provide electricity to the grid for large areas. With a large venture like that, it is essential that the panels be kept running at maximum efficiency all the time. Small differences in efficiency can add up quickly to a lot of lost power. Solar farms need to have their solar panels cleaned frequently, and a solar panel cleaning machine is the perfect way to do it!

Below are some options for solar cleaning machines:

  • Ecoppia Solar Cleaning Robot
  • Greenbotics Solar Cleaning Robot
  • SolaRobot Panel Cleaning Robot
  • Bitimec PV Solar Washing Machine
  • NOMADD Solar Cleaning Robot