Solar Cleaning Calculator

Solar Panel Cleaning Savings Calculator

Solar Panel Cleaning Savings Calculator

Solar Panel Cleaning Savings Calculator

What Savings can you expect from solar panel cleaning?

When you first decided to purchase solar panels, you probably worked through a savings calculator to figure out exactly how much money you would save by going for solar panels instead of continuing to pay your electric company for electricity the conventional way. There was obviously going to be a big initial investment to buy the solar panels in the first place. You probably had to take your original average electricity bill and multiply it out until it was bigger than the cost of the solar panels to figure out how long it would take your solar panels to pay for themselves. You also probably had to look at how many kilowatt hours you used every month to find out how big of a solar array you would need, what size of battery storage, if any, would be right for you, and whether you would be feeding into the grid or going off-grid altogether.

Of course, these calculations assumed that the price of electricity was not going to go up, and they also ignored any additional efficiency that might have been gained in the world of solar technology after you bought your panels. The bottom line is, you had to make a significant investment in your solar panels, and of course you had to calculate how much you would save by getting solar panels.

Because of all the calculations that went into finding out the costs and savings of getting solar panels, it is also logical that you would do a cost and savings analysis of solar cleaning to make sure that the savings you would get from having your solar panels cleaned will make the cleaning cost effective.

The savings you can expect to get from solar panel cleaning include:

  1. Higher energy efficiency
  2. Longer life for your solar panels
  3. Early detection of problems

Higher energy efficiency

Solar panels make energy with every bit of the panel that is exposed to the sunlight. When a part of the solar panel is in the shade, it is not making electricity. What does this have to do with dirt? Imagine that your solar panel has some leaves on it. Those leaves keep sunlight from getting to the panel. Now imagine that instead of leaves they are tiny particles of dirt. It might look like your solar panel isn’t in shadow, but in fact there are millions of tiny shadows all over it from the tiny specks of dirt. So when you look at your solar panel, it might not look like there is anything wrong with it, but when you actually look at how much energy your solar panel is producing, the electricity production is slowly going down with every little bit of dirt that collects there.

When you have your solar panels cleaned, all that dirt is removed so that there is nothing there to cast shadows on your photovoltaic panels. This means that you have maximum energy production. Whether you feed into the grid or produce all your own electricity for your own use, you save when your solar panels are making more electricity. Especially if you are hooked into the grid, you will pay significantly more when your panels are dirty and you may make money when your panels are clean, depending on how much electricity your panels can produce and how much energy you use.

Longer life for your solar panels

Your solar panels will last longer if you clean them or have them professionally cleaned regularly. Even plain dust and dirt can be very hard on the solar panel coatings in the long run. They can scratch and score the glass of the solar panel. This will create tiny, permanent shadows on the photovoltaic cells, which will slowly decrease efficiency.

Other things that get cleaned off solar panels are even worse for the long-term life of your solar panels. For example, bird poop is very corrosive. If it is allowed to sit on your solar panels for a long time, it will do the exact same thing as if you let it sit on your car for a long time – it will eat away at the coating and will leave ugly marks. But of course, on a solar panel, it’s not just the ugly marks that matter so much as the efficiency of your solar panels. Damage to your solar panels translates into less electricity being produced, which means that you save less money. Even worse, severe damage means that you may need to replace your solar panels, which is going to mean even more costs for you. Just having your solar panels cleaned regularly can prevent damage from corrosive things like bird poop.

Early detection of problems

Professional solar panel cleaners will check out your solar panels for any problems or things that need to be fixed. Even small amounts of damage can build into something big and expensive over time. If you can find out about problems when they only require minor repairs instead of waiting until you need major repairs or even to totally replace a solar panel, then you will save huge amounts of money.

Overall savings when having your solar panels cleaned

Between making your solar panels function more effectively and preventing huge problems through early detection, professional solar panel cleaning can save you big bucks. Find professional solar panel cleaners in your area with Solar Panel Directory and start seeing the benefits for yourself right away!