How to Clean Solar Panels

How to Clean Your Solar Panel System


DIY Solar Cleaning at Home can save you anywhere from $3 – $10 per Panel

A lot of homeowners and business owners who have solar panels opt to have them professionally cleaned every six months from a solar panel cleaning company so they can make sure their solar panels are operating at maximum efficiency without actually having to get out there and do it themselves. Then there are the thrifty, active, DIY Solar Cleaning types. These people wouldn’t dream of hiring someone else to clean their solar panels when they could really do it just as easily by themselves. Do it yourselfers tend to get a lot of enjoyment from taking care of a problem themselves instead of relying on someone else to do it for them. All of this points to DIY solar panel cleaning being very popular, especially if your solar panels are located somewhere that is easy to access.

What are the steps to cleaning a solar panel yourself?

  1. Gain access to the solar panels
  2. Wash down solar panels with purified water
  3. Clean with a mild, non abrasive soap if necessary
  4. Dry with a soft cotton towel or a squeegee
  5. Enjoy your sparkly clean solar panels!

Building your Own Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

  • Extension Cleaning Pole: $30 – $40
  • Rubber Squeegee: $20 -$30
  • Wash Bar: $20 -$30
  • Microfiber Cleaning Sleeve: $10
  • Cleaning Handle: $20 -$30
  • Water-Fed Extension Pole: $30 – $40
  • Water-Fed Angle Adaptor: $20 -$30
  • Water-Fed Cleaning Brush: $30 – $40
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: $10
  • Solar Panel Cleaning Solution (Specialty Soap): $20 – $50
DIY Solar Panel Cleaning

DIY Solar Panel Cleaning

Gaining access to your solar panels

This step is not a big deal if your solar panels are on the ground or are easy to get to. The problem is when they are on top of your roof or somewhere else that is hard and dangerous to get to. Make sure you have the right equipment, that you wear nonslip shoes, and that you balance yourself well and pay attention to safety!

Wash down solar panels with purified water

Many times, water is all you need to remove the dirt from solar panels. Purified water is not absolutely required here, but it does help to prevent water marks. A squeegee or a clean, soft, cotton towel will dry and polish up your solar panels so that you do not need to worry about water spots. With purified water, water spots should not be that much of an issue, but if you use tap water you will definitely want to dry your solar panels by hand.

Clean with a mild, non abrasive soap if necessary

For some kinds of dirt, you may need soap. Oily residue from car exhaust may not come off with water alone. Sometimes dust and dirt can be stubborn, and it is better to gently dissolve it with soap than to try to scrub it and rich scratching your solar panels. A mild soap that does not have any abrading substances in it will help to gently dissolve the dirt without causing damage to the delicate surface of your solar panels.

Dry with a soft towel or a squeegee

This step helps to make sure that you are not going to scratch your solar panel when you dry it, nor will you have water spots that will decrease energy production.  Make sure that you use a soft, cotton towel or a squeegee for a sparkly shine that will not scratch your solar panels!

Enjoy your sparkly clean solar panels!

When your solar panels have been properly cleaned, they will in fact be completely clean, pristine, and sparkly looking. The cleaner they are the more electricity they produce, so there are even more reasons to be happy about your sparkly clean solar panels!